Say Goodbye to Old, Damaged Flooring

Say Goodbye to Old, Damaged Flooring

Install new flooring for a revamped look that lasts

You walk on your flooring every day. You'll need to make sure it can handle the stress while staying in good condition. Freedom Flooring performs flooring installations for residential clients who want flooring upgrades for their current or new construction home.

Though we specialize in hardwood flooring, stairs, treads and risers, we'll also install luxury vinyl planks as an alternative. Speak with us today learn why we highly recommend that you go with long-lasting hardwoods.

New flooring in 4 easy steps

A new flooring project shouldn't be a headache. When you work with us, it won't be. You can get new flooring in four easy steps:

  1. Call 763-213-3797 to hire our flooring contractors
  2. Meet us at the job site and explore your options with our distributor
  3. Sit back while we install, stain and refinish the floors with three coats
  4. Enjoy your stylish and high-quality new flooring

You'll appreciate that we can complete around 1,000 square feet a day depending on your home's layout. Hire us today for a new flooring installation.